Dealing with the loss of a loved one.

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I have been pretty silent the past few weeks because I have been dealing with one of the most difficult things I have ever had to face. My husband passed away unexpectedly. There is nothing like the loss of a...
Gas and groceries is all you get.

Posted on very careful what you do once you have your home purchase in escrow. Any financial changes can affect your loan approval. Always discuss any issues with your lender, they can advise you on how best to...
Use a Local Agent for the Best Service.

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Use a Local Agent for the best Service! When you are ready to choose a Real Estate Agent to help you sell or buy a property, how do you choose? Do you go with the Big Brand because you are familiar with the...
It is not too early to List!

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Although I will admit there aren’t as many buyers here during the winter as there are in the summer, there are still buyers in the marketplace in every season.
Unicorn in a Haystack.

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Unicorn in a Haystack I know, strange title, right? I intentionally mixed up a couple of sayings for my topic today. What I am referring to is a house search. Starting a house search takes planning and more...
Don't Quit Now!

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Don’t quit now! Every year in the White Mountains homes start disappearing from the market in late fall and early winter. Sellers mistakenly assume that no one buys homes in the winter.