Don’t quit now! 

Every year in the White Mountains homes start disappearing from the market in late fall and early winter.  Sellers mistakenly assume that no one buys homes in the winter.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Buyers buy homes in every season and contrary to common belief, home sales have been strong during the winter months for the past several years.  

Sellers would be well advised to look closer at the reason their home has not sold, rather than giving up and waiting until spring.  There are common factors that contribute to a home not going under contract, particularly in the past few years where low inventory has been a consistent issue. 

Let’s examine a few shall we? 

  1. Price is out of line with the condition of the home.
  2. Home is in need of repairs that the seller is not in a financial position to complete them.  
  3. Location is not ideal.  Perhaps the home backs a busy road or is in close proximity to a noisy business.
  4. Home is not in prime condition for showing.  Has the home been professionally cleaned and staged? 
  5. Are there pets present that may discourage buyers with allergies?
  6. Is the property on a maintained road?  Is the road passable in all weather conditions?
  7. Is the home convenient to  schools, shopping, and medical facilities? 

These are just a few thoughts that sellers might want to consider if they have not been successful in the sale of their home.  Price vs Condition are the two biggest factors in the sale of a home.  Before you quit, give the house a good going over and discuss it with your agent.  They may have some suggestions that could help you get your home sold, even when it is not the peak buying season.  Buyers buy all year long and there is a buyer for every home.  It is matter of finding the right combination of price and condition to appeal to that buyer. 

If you are still thinking about selling, don’t wait.  Call today.  Homes are still selling and the Holiday Season could be the ideal time to sell. 

Thanks for reading, until next time……. 

Sandra Paulow, Associate Broker, GRI, REALTOR®


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