Marketing – What is it? 

Marketing is many things.  Marketing involves advertising, farming (working a specific neighborhood), referrals (asking for business), calling on prospective clients & customers, social media promotion, lead generation through various resources, and any combination of these activities.  Marketing involves creativity, flexibility, and tenacity.  Marketing response changes daily and it means an agent needs to try different methods to gain exposure for their listed properties.   

Advertising is the most commonly recognized form of marketing.  Clients who want to sell look to their agents to include their properties in real estate magazines, newspapers, on flyers, and other written materials.  Print advertising, while still somewhat effective, is not as effective as it once was.  With the advent of the internet and syndication of listing information to sites like,,, and countless others, the internet is the most popular resource for advertising.  Print advertising while still a viable alternative does not produce much in the way of activity.  The books are good for passing the time waiting for a table in a restaurant, but they do not produce much in the way of results.        

Online Marketing, as mentioned above, means including a property listed for sale on websites that distribute listing information on the worldwide web. It exposes a property to the greatest number of prospective buyers, most of whom start their home searches on the internet. Sellers expect to find their properties online as they check out the various sites.  The downside to online marketing in that it allows prospective buyers to “hide” behind the obscurity of the web.  It also means they have access to a great deal of information without ever having to contact an agent.  Sometimes that information is not current or is inaccurate.  However, when 90% of home searches start online, it is important that your home be visible to those prospective buyers.  As your agent you will have a strong online presence so your property information will be seen by those who are looking for their next home online.      

Technology and Social Media Sites add exposure to properties.  With the advent of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and countless other social media sites, I can distribute information about your property to a very wide audience.  Mobile technology continues to advance and use of social media sites allows me to distribute information quickly and easily via these sites.  We live in a world where instant information is what the consumers expect.  These sites have mobile capability and that enables people to gain access to information about your property through their smartphones, tables or other electronic devices. Many of those applications send me a message notifying me that someone is looking at one of my listed properties via a mobile device.      

Marketing includes many venues.  A combination of all the venues allows me to expose your property to the greatest number of people.  If you would like me to put together a marketing plan for your property, give me a call.  I am confident we could put together a plan of action to help you Get Your Property Sold. 

Sandra Paulow, Associate Broker, GRI, REALTOR®

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